The development and implementation of a design project is a complex and time-consuming process, including the work of different specialists. Each stage of our work with a client is drawn up in a separate contract, with a specific set of services, cost and terms. The total cost largely depends on the area of ​​​​the premises and the complexity of the object.

DESIGN project

Cost of the service: from 100 euros/sq.m.

Terms: 2-3 months

To successfully bring the project to life, we develop a detailed design project: from a dimensional plan of the premises to 3D visualization and a complete set of working documentation for the construction team.


It helps to significantly reduce the time for the selection and purchase of the necessary pieces of furniture, textiles and decor. And also ensure their timely delivery to the facility and streamline costs. We work with a large number of proven suppliers and contractors.

Service cost: from 1000 euros.

Terms: 3-6 months

List of services and stages:

  • Carrying out measurements and photographic fixation of the object
  • Drawing up a detailed brief (terms of reference) with the client
  • Draft project – several options for planning solutions, sketches and collages on the stylistic, color scheme and ideas for the future interior – mood and concept boards.
  • Photorealistic 3D visualization
  • Drawing up an estimate for furniture and decor items based on the specifications of the design project, indicating the main characteristics, cost, delivery time.
  • Approval of the estimate with the client.
  • Organization of the entire procurement process from the request for a commercial proposal, the approval of samples of materials with the customer, the verification of articles to the delivery and installation of items approved by the customer.
  • Budget control.


Service cost: from 500 euros.
Terms: 1-2 months

  • Draft project – three solutions for the design of space, sketches and collages for the stylistic, color scheme of the interior – mood and concept-boards.
  • Approval of the estimate with the client.
  • Selection of furniture and decor items, taking into account the cost, delivery time.
  • Assistance in organizing the process of procurement, delivery and installation of items approved by the customer.