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When people need design studio services?
Situation 1

When a person buys a villa or apartment he usually gets empty space where the only decoration is kitchen furniture and built-in wardrobes.

This space can’t be used for living or rental. It should be decorated with furniture, art objects, textiles and other items. The interior should be like in five-star hotel: beautiful and ergonomical.

Yet it is not so easy to achieve due to some limitations: the area and geometry of the rooms are fixed, sockets and switches are installed, the finishing of the rooms is completed. It will affect the choice and arrangement of decor items: furniture, lighting other interior items.

The owner usually doesn’t have time or opportunity to create design, solve technical issues, search for suppliers and select decor items. He wants to solve the problem for reasonable price and in a short period of time.
In this case a customer goes for Staging or CID signature design project.

Situation 2

The property owner realises that after the construction results often don’t meet the expectations: it is impossible to hang a chandelier, bedside tables don’t fit in the bedroom, the sofa looks too massive and doesn’t match armchairs.

In this case the owner has either to put up with interior imperfections or spend time and money on eliminating the flaws. To avoid this risk a prudent owner orders interior design project before the start of construction or renovation works.

Design project for construction/renovation defines the planning solution, finishing materials, furniture arrangement and a lighting plan. The design project contains even the schemes how the parquet flooring, natural stone or ceramic tiles should be laid. On 3D visualisations a customer can see how the space will look like after the project completion. Moreover, a customer controls the budget and project’s timeline as he gets the full list of interior items and a detailed cost estimation and he can order furniture and decoration items in advance.

As a result the furniture will perfectly fit in the space and will match the whole interior. The power supply for chandeliers, sockets and switches will be in their places and won’t affect the furniture and decor items arrangement.

Interior design will reflect the owner’s personality. For example, in one of our projects we built an interior around a collection of electric guitars. In another one, client’s passion for aviation found it’s reflection in room decor.

Situation 3

An investor or a property owner wants to increase its value for sale or rental. The interior should to be updated quickly and for reasonable price. In this case it makes sense to go for staging service in design studio. A new cozy interior will attract more potential customers for apartment or villa. And the owner will be able to sell/rent it out at a higher price.

Once, only by using decor items and textiles, we increased the cost of apartment in Palma de Mallorca by 20%. The decoration costs were about two thousand euros, and the project was completed within a month.

As a nice bonus, Elle Decoration magazine published an article about this project on its website.